"Back on track and working on uploading updates. I just wanted to say how easy this process is proving to be! Thank you to everyone associated with this endeavor. Very soon we will have a beautiful new website to unveil."

Sue Ann Spens, Clerk-Treasurer
Town of Beaux Arts Village, WA

"We have really used our website and enjoy it immensely!!"

Edie Sims, City Secretary
City of Blue Ridge, TX

"We have had such a wonderful experience with our new website from Municipal Impact. It has been very affordable and extremely user friendly for a small community like Max. They have an outstanding support team. The best part is we are now able to give our residents up to date information including alerts and news. Best decision we made!"

Kathy Klemetsrud, Auditor
City of Max, ND

"Our Municipal Impact website is easy to navigate, and it's simple to make updates. It saves us so much time -- We highly recommend them!"

Sharon Kakouris, City Clerk
City of Elsberry, MO

"We love Municipal Impact and our new website. Your product is exactly what we needed! It's user friendly, reliable and such a breath of fresh air compared to other websites we've had in the past. My staff and I now have more time to devote to other projects. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

Julie Miller, Village Administrator
Village of Mt. Zion, IL

"The website has been a good switch for us. It is so much easier to manage on my end!"

Julie Burchill, City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Fulda, MN

"So easy to use it made a rough couple of days easier to get through! We had a water break this week that resulted in a boil advisory being issued by the State. The alert system made it simple to give our residents the information they needed in a prompt fashion. We were able to keep them informed in a way we have never been able to before. We made a great decision to partner with your company. Thank you!"

Jim Kroger CMC, City Clerk
City of Overbrook, KS

"I am so happy we went with Municipal Impact on the website. The customer service at the company is awesome and fantastic!!! ... Thank you!!"

Carla Sheridan, City Secretary
City of Elkhart, TX

"As always, it just amazes me how fast you respond. It is great working with you. I am very happy working with you and your Company."

Doug Wilson, City Administrator
City of Alma, NE

"I never thought I would say it would be fun to create a web site, but this is a blast! So easy and reassuring knowing I have someone double checking my work."

Jamie Kolthoff, City Clerk
City of Eldora, IA

"I appreciate how easy this website is to maintain – this is working great for us."

Kathy Deer, Administrative & Financial Manager
Clear Creek Conservancy District

"Everything with the website is great too!! Thanks so much for checking in -- You have great customer service which I appreciate!! "

Tammy Casey, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
City of Park Falls

"Everyone is Very Very happy - thank you!"

Yvonne Thomas, Village Clerk
Village of Britton, MI

"Thank you for all your help! You are amazing!"

Tammy Casey, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
City of Park Falls

"I just looked at it, and it’s perfect as always! Thanks so much for all of your help!"

Samantha M. Stalls, Accounting Clerk
Town of Plymouth

"Thank You Thank You – I really like the appearance and the payment option page. You are all awesome!"

Diane Affeldt, City Auditor
City of Garrison, ND

"Thank you... I appreciate your efforts and all you've done for our city."

Russ Deen, Mayor
City of Guyton, GA