Free Feature Updates

If you've ever owned a website, then you know that every so often you need to update the server, site software and technology to remain compatible with web standards, which are constantly evolving. In other words, technology that works today may not work 2 or 3 or 5 years from now. In fact, you can count on the fact that they won't.

So if you rely on a developer for your website maintenance and upkeep, then you will most definitely need to monitor when something stops working, and pay them to make these updates.

With Municipal Impact's website solution, all these headaches are managed and taken care of for you, by us, behind the scenes. Your website is our business! So your site and servers are always kept up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.

Also, as we build new features into our product, those features become available on your site automatically -- and at no extra charge.

All in all, you are getting the benefit of tens of thousands of dollars of website technology and development -- at a mere fraction of the cost because you're able to share the cost across hundreds of customers.

What our customers say…

"Everything with the website is great too!! Thanks so much for checking in -- You have great customer service which I appreciate!! "

- Tammy Casey, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
City of Park Falls