Custom Domain Name

Your domain name serves as the place you tell people to visit and see your website. We highly recommend securing your own custom domain name for your site, such as TOWNOFRIVERFALLS.COM. This allows you to own your own domain, rather than using the longer subdomain that comes with your site.

Domains typically run $10-$15/year, a bargain in today's world. Improved SEO, easier for your residents to remember, and a great marketing tool for your municipality are just a few of the benefits of purchasing your own domain.

If you are considering making this purchase, we recommend getting one through GoDaddy. And by the way, if you want to set up email service for your domain, that's available too. Just click the link below: - World's No.1 Domain Registrar

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Once your domain is purchased, let us know and we'll help you redirect it to point to your new Municipal Impact website -- and all without disrupting your domain email service.

What our customers say…

"We have really used our website and enjoy it immensely!!"

- Edie Sims, City Secretary
City of Blue Ridge, TX