"I am so happy we went with Municipal Impact on the website. The customer service at the company is awesome and fantastic!!! ... Thank you!!"

Carla Sheridan, City Secretary
  City of Elkhart, TX

Municipal Impact launched in 2014 and has since established a proven track record of quality service and integrity in the municipal industry. We are proud to be officially recommended by the National Rural Water Association and most of the state rural water associations.

Our team is a unique family of seasoned professionals with combined experience totalling over 30 years in the web/technology industry, over 35 years in the water works industry, and almost 40 years in sales and service... Now that’s a lot of experience!

Meet our Team

Shelly Howay
Partner & Co-Founder

Shannon Farmer
Partner & Co-Founder

Carri Davis

Kelli Roark
Sales & Marketing

Amanda Foster

Chris Howay
Design & Development

Michael Thompson
Customer Support

Evan Smith
Customer Support

Cathy Wilkins
Customer Support


As you can see, it takes a team effort to bring Municipal Impact to the municipal industry and to keep the wheels rolling. Our talented team is constantly working to improve our product and to maintain perfect customer satisfaction. We invite your feedback on how we can make our service even better!

What our customers say…

"Thank you for all your help! You are amazing!"

- Tammy Casey, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
City of Park Falls