What is Municipal Impact?

Municipal Impact provides professional, cost effective websites–custom designed for small cities and towns.

We offer a custom, cutting edge, search engine optimized website solution at an incredibly affordable price point. Smart communities across the nation are already taking advantage of this state-of-the-art solution.

Our web solutions utilize tried and true principles of web design and usability standards, enabling communities to be more efficient, effective and professional in providing up to the minute information to residents and visitors, alike. Benefiting from a professional web presence as Municipal Impact websites provide residents a greater level of information, service and –increasing their overall satisfaction and confidence in their local government.

  • Municipal Impact’s mission is to provide all communities a professional website presence – a turn key internet marketing package that saves time and money.
  • We offer customized website designs for cities and towns preloaded with industry related content.
  • Full featured editing system for adding user content, photos, and forms.
  • Automatic content updates in the form of monthly rotating featured articles so your website stays fresh and new!
  • Cities and towns benefit from a professional web presence – eliminating the hassle of trying to determine the ins and outs of designing and building a website. In turn, residents and visitors alike receive a greater level of service and confidence when interacting with their local government.
  • Municipal Impact website solutions enables your city administrators to focus their energies on what they do best – instead of their web presence.

Choosing Municipal Impact eliminates the hassle of trying to determine the ins and outs of designing, building and hosting a website saving time, money and frustration.

Let Municipal Impact simplify your internet experience through our personalized service and support so you can focus on what you do best – taking care of your town – Not building and maintaining a website. Think of us as a one stop shop for all your town website needs!

How Municipal Impact Began

In working closely with rural communities through the years, we noticed the increasing need for even the smallest towns to be able to have a website that their customers could access. However, hiring a web developer can be both expensive and unreliable, and most small towns just don’t have the time to manage a website development project or to maintain it.

As a result, many small cities and towns either have no website at all, or what they have is so out of date that they've completely abandoned it.

So the idea for MunicipalImpact.com was born!

We spent over 18 months developing our solution to meet the specific needs of the small town America--and to make it as easy as possible to anyone to use and maintain. In fact, it's so easy that you don't have to figure out and tell us what you need, because we already have it all built-in!

More importantly, the MI solution is something very special, and our Customer Support Team is here to help: No more burning money on flaky developers, and no more frustration trying to develop your own web presence.

We’re so confident that our service will make your life easier — In fact, our Money-Back Guarantee assures it! Simply subscribe today, and we’ll be excited to welcome you as the newest MI family member!

What our customers say…

"We love Municipal Impact and our new website. Your product is exactly what we needed! It's user friendly, reliable and such a breath of fresh air compared to other websites we've had in the past. My staff and I now have more time to devote to other projects. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

- Julie Miller, Village Administrator
Village of Mt. Zion, IL